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Growth & Partnership Manager

  • Anywhere in, Georgia, United States
  • Anywhere in, North Carolina, United States
  • Anywhere in, Ohio, United States
  • Anywhere in, Tennessee, United States
  • Anywhere in, Missouri, United States
  • Anywhere in, South Carolina, United States
  • Anywhere in, Florida, United States
  • Anywhere in, Idaho, United States
  • Anywhere in, Montana, United States
  • Anywhere in, Texas, United States
  • Anywhere in, Utah, United States
  • Anywhere in, Virginia, United States
  • Anywhere in, Arizona, United States
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$60,000 per yearAnywhereWorks US

Job description

Position Only Available to Residents of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Texas, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Tennessee, Missouri, Ohio, or Arizona.

We're on a mission to help the world work Anywhere. Whether working from home, an office, or Anywhere, we offer products and services designed to help people work and learn together, whether they're across a table or across the world. Work is what we do, not where we do it.
We are looking for a Growth & Partnership Manager to join our team! Please see below for more information:

As a successful Growth & Partnership Manager, you’ll be

  • Camera-ready and client-ready for video meetings, as well as in-person meetings, whenever you are clocked in and working.

  • Growing the business by researching and identifying partners aligned with company goals and target audience. Evaluate them to ensure shared values and objectives.

  • Acting as an ambassador for our brand, showcasing our business, and disseminating our solutions globally.

  • Successfully prospecting and cultivating new leads and opportunities for the organization to grow.

  • Guiding the negotiation processes to secure advantageous agreements. This may include new business partnerships, revenue-sharing agreements, co-marketing initiatives, joint ventures, or other forms of collaboration.

  • Continuously communicating and collaborating to cultivate and maintain relationships with partner organizations or individuals.

  • Traveling, at minimum, 50% of the time, within the US and possibly globally to trade shows and events for various business reasons is required.

  • Responding in a timely manner to all partnership inquiries, working diligently to finalize and successfully conclude the collaboration.

  • Recording tasks and partnership-related activities systematically to maintain organized documentation for effective communication with stakeholders.

  • Staying current on industry trends, market shifts, and the competitive landscape to spot partnership opportunities and adjust strategies accordingly.

  • Working closely with stakeholders to create and execute joint campaigns, co-branded promotions, and initiatives that increase brand exposure and reach new audiences.

  • Tracking ongoing progress and present to stakeholders.

  • Helping professionals work Anywhere by tailoring our services to their needs.

  • Lowering your carbon footprint by commuting less.

  • Modeling a better work-life balance.

  • Enriching your community through paid volunteering time, up to 16 hours annually.

  • Living Anywhere best practices, like working at a desk/chair in a distraction-free workstation with proper lighting.

  • Spending 150 minutes per week learning in our online university AdaptiveU.

You are

  • A good, empathetic listener.

  • A successful salesperson with at least two years of experience in sales or marketing and a passion for bringing in new business and cultivating long-lasting relationships.

  • Able to think quickly on your feet.

  • A self-starter who takes initiative.

  • An excellent communicator, verbally and in writing.

  • Excited about collaborating with cross-functional teams.

  • A strategic thinker.

  • Results-oriented and able to set and work toward clear and measurable goals.

  • Comfortable with technology and are open to using new tools to get the job done.

  • A collaborator who can work well with stakeholders with differing viewpoints and opinions.

  • Someone who loves public speaking and presenting.

  • Have excellent interpersonal skills and have the ability to build and maintain relationships.

  • Biased to take action and experiment with ways to improve and solve problems.

  • Enthusiastic about learning.

  • Able to solve problems and find creative solutions to negotiation and sales challenges.

  • Reliable. You can regularly commit to working your 40-hour weekly schedule, as it is an essential function of your role.

  • Able to work at a computer for your entire scheduled shift.

Job requirements

Compensation & Benefits

  • Starting at $60,000/annually.
  • Benefits are available after 60 days of employment.

Your System

We operate on a 'Bring Your Own Device' policy and there are certain system requirements that must be met in order to ensure our applications can work successfully on your computer. The full system and internet requirements can be found here.

About AnywhereWorks

Work is what you do, not where you do it. We’re on a mission to help the world work Anywhere. We believe people should be able to work and learn together, whether they’re communicating across a table or across the world.

We offer a diverse set of products and services to a variety of businesses, from live answering services to scheduling and payment platforms to shared working spaces. We empower people to communicate, collaborate and produce. We’re committed to building a more inclusive future of work, where people can contribute from Anywhere.

What "Anywhere" Means to Us

Other terms out in the world are “remote” “distributed” “telecommuting” – for us, these words do not speak to the experience we hope you will have working with us Anywhere.

Isolation and a lack of social interaction are common concerns when people think about Remote working. The word “Remote” itself can conjure up ideas of loneliness and being disconnected from your colleagues. That’s why we like the more empowering language of “working Anywhere”, with Anywhere representing an unconstrained, plugged-in destination.

AnywhereWorks is committed to providing equal opportunity employment; creating, managing, and valuing diversity in our workforce; providing a safe work environment; and fostering a culture of belonging where all employees are included, treated with dignity and respect, promoted on their merits, and placed in positions to contribute to our future success.